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A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs.: Competent, Thorough and Reliable

A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs., a privately owned and operated company, provides residential and commercial cleaning services for the South Bay area. Our dedicated team of cleaning specialists has over 20 years of combined experience in the industry. You will benefit from our competence, as A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs. has consistently delivered outstanding results. Visit our google plus page for more pictures and videos. Find us on Google+


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A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs. staff is fully trained and easily recognizable by its A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs. uniform. All our cleaners are under the employ of A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs..



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Don't Get your insurance cancelled because of a dirty roof.

PVC Membrane Roof Cleaning

A3 Hi-Pressure Cleaning Svcs. is your premier Membrane Roof Cleaning Professional. We clean membrane roofs for residential and commercial buildings, sports facilities, university dorms, hotels, factories, storage centers, etc. 

Whether it is for a scheduled cleaning to remove mold and mildew staining, heavy bird staining or you are just cleaning in preperation for solar panel installation; membrane roofs require a safe, environmentally sound cleaning process that will not damage the membrane during cleaning and void any existing warranties.

We use MFG approved cleaning methods to ensure that your membrane roof remans clean and free from potential pressure washing damage. Our methods have been tried and tested by the industry for many years and our cleaning products are guaranteed safe by roof membrane manufacturers.


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